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Makim Street - North Curl Curl

This development involves the creation of a subfloor storage area, renovation and extension of the first level and an full upper storey addition.

Subfloor Area

  • Excavation of sandstone bedrock

  • Flooring

  • Removal of piers

  • Replacement of piers with solid beams

  • Creation of storage areas

  • Laying of timber floor

  • Gyprock and finishing

First Floor

  • Demolition of current deck

  • Extension of living room space

  • Addition of deck

  • Renovation of kitchen and bathroom

  • Rejuvination of all rooms, doors and wardrobes

Full Upper Storey Addition

  • Re-design of property, from old style beach bungalow to modern architecturally designed home

  • Addition of 2 bedrooms, garage, extended living space, office, new kitchen, new bathrooms

  • Remodel of entrance, recladding

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